Let’s go from stressed to sold out in six weeks!

I believe that 80% of your efforts should be concentrated on making more sales! Because where you put your energy is where you will see growth.

Inside this course, I am going to give you the tools to be able to create consistent sales, I will help you find your fully booked mentality, and you will become a magnet for sales! 


I don’t want your business to be the best kept secret, I want everyone to know about you and what you have to offer and not only that I want people to shout about you and recommend you time and time again!


During the six week course you will be guided by me, we will have our own Facebook community for just the members of this course where we can support each other and share ideas, not only that but I will be there everyday to support you as you grow and make more sales. 


✔️ Nailing your Ideal Client 
We will look first at your ideal client, do you know exactly who they are and where they hang around? Do you know how to speak to them and what they are looking for? After your first training you will be so clear on this! 

✔️ Pitch Perfect 
If you are at a networking event or on clubhouse, or pitching on an email or in a message, you need to make sure you are clear and concise and able to sell yourself. You will go away from this having a 20 second/60 second and 90 second pitch and you will also have the opportunity to pitch in front of the group.

✔️ A Sales Page that Sells
Does your copy sell? Is the content you are putting out on social media selling you (in a none salesy way?) We are going to master writing to sell this week, and you will go away from this with a biography and a sales page that sells! 

✔️ Finding Victory Being Visible 
How visible are you? Do you have a plan for being visible and getting yourself noticed? We are going to make a plan for it, so that you can be consistent and show up as yourself in the best way possible. 

✔️ Being a magnet for sales
You have learnt the skills, but are you ready? Do you believe that you can make more sales starting today? How are you going to attract the right customers and make sure they come back wanting more. 

✔️ Planning for growth
We are approaching the end of the course and hopefully you will have already seen an increase in sales already. But it doesn’t end here, we are going to create a plan for growth so your business continues to grow as you graduate from this course! 


I honestly believe that sales is easy if you just know how!! 

Yes, the biggest question I get is ‘how can I make more sales in my business?’ 

I want you to be fully booked! That is my aim for you, and whilst it won’t be an overnight success, I know that I can get you there! 

But don’t just take my word for it, here is Anna’s story:

"When Coronavirus hit, I worked really hard to try and adapt my business, a physiotherapy clinic & clinical Pilates classes, and felt like I'd done a good job by having a professional booking system, HD camera, and aesthetically pleasing setup in my beautiful studio, where I live stream all my sessions from. Unfortunately, I still kept losing clients as the restrictions continued, and people lost motivation.  

By November 2020, I was struggling to retain my regular clients (I had lost over 50% of them), and had not had any new customers joining my online services since the start of the pandemic.  I was on the verge of closing my business down, but thought I'd give things one last try by getting Charlie’s to help me with my sales, to see if there was anything else I could do to save my business.

I feel like I am still very close to the start of my business development journey, but Charlie's support has been amazing.  Her course has helped me change my mindset and have a positive vision for the future of my business.  I followed Charlie's advice, and this resulted in me gaining over 30 new clients at the start of 2021!  Which, considering I'd had a total of zero over the previous 8 months, was such a massive achievement for me!  I still can't quite believe it!

I love the way we are encouraged to shout about our wins, and how Charlie and the other business owners in the group all offer so much support when you have a bad day, or something hasn't gone to plan.  I don't talk about my business very much with friends and family as they aren't that interested.  However, they have all commented on how much more confident I have become, and how much my insight into running my business effectively has hugely improved over the last few months.

I would like to thank Charlie so much for her help with helping my business thrive despite the pandemic, and with gaining confidence in myself.  Joining her course is the best business decision I've made, and I would highly recommend both this, and her membership group to anyone looking to develop their business.  I wouldn't hesitate to sign up to any other courses that Charlie offers in the future, as, even though I'm only a few months in I've already seen the positive influence she has had to both me and Animated Physiotherapy."